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Sugar and Spice blogger templatesSugar and Spice Blogger templates is a simple looking theme but has a stylish features making it more professional and also personal.This is also a responsive blogger theme,new drop down menu,follow me social sharing buttons,contact widget and stylish fonts.This is a 2 column layout template that has 3 column footer.

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Template Name : Sugar And Spice

Basic Instructions : How To Install A Blogger Template

Added : 22 December 2013

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Platform : Blogger/Blogspot

Author Url : Lasantha Bandara

Update: Editing Nav menu

Editing Navigation Menu

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  1. 2nd February 2014 | Tricia says:
    I'm having a hard time getting this sugar and spice template to parse correctly. I keep getting the error "Error parsing XML, line 1591, column 116: The element type "li" must be terminated by the matching end-tag ""." and I have been unable to fix it. Any advice? Thanks!
    • 2nd February 2014 | Admin says:
      There was a minor error in the template which is fixed.Please download again and use it.
  2. 3rd February 2014 | Tricia says:
    Thank you!
  3. 21st February 2014 | ariellefeldshon says:
    Hi! First of all, this template is GORGEOUS. My question is this--- I installed the theme on my site, and now i'm having a hard time manipulating it. I would like to link all my social media accounts and change the drop down topics and understand how to post different things on different pages, but I cannot figure out how! Any advice? A
    • 21st February 2014 | Admin says:
      Hi Arielle,follow these below steps to configure the template 1.To link all social media account,search for ul class='social' below that replace # with related social url. 2.For drop down topics,search for ul id='nav' and replace with yours. 3.For different sliders,search for div class='flexslider',below that replace the images url and # with the required post url.
  4. 22nd February 2014 | Vivien Sophie says:
    Hello! I love this design so much!! The only thing i want to edit is the "read more". Is it possible to see the whole posts on the front page? not only a preview? I tried to delete something but this won't change! I hope you can help me :)
    • 22nd February 2014 | Vivien Sophie says:
      Ah just got it!!! Don't need to reply anymore :)
  5. 9th April 2014 | Emilie Kirstine B. Fabricius Ahlgreen says:
    Firstly, I am in love with this template. The colours are lovely and it suits my blog beautifully. I am, however, having a few issues with it--specifically with regard to moving my hundreds of post to their new, respective categories as seen in the menu bar. When trying to replace the appropriate # with a URL, it is just that URL…what to do with all of the rest? I've tried editing the code without any luck as it's just been guess work. Is there a way to as well, in the future, have the posts move to their categories without doing it manually? Secondly, with regard to slide and the pictures you say to essentially replace the # with the images URL. Is there a specific website you'd recommend my uploading the chosen pictures to so that they get a URL that I can use? Best, EKBFA
    • 9th April 2014 | Admin says:
      Hi Emilie, 1. Just open the respective category(label) link in new tab.Copy that link and replace # with this copied category link and not with the single post url. 2. Though there are many sites we recommend blogger blog.If the chosen pictures are already posted in your blog then right click on it and click Copy Image URL and You can get the link for the respective image.It is recommended to use image that has width around 600px and height around 350-400 px
  6. 15th April 2014 | Emilie Kirstine B. Fabricius Ahlgreen says:
    Hi, and thank you for your quick reply!! I am unable to click on the header or any of the drop down categories, making your advice, for the way that I've interpreted it, unfortunately impossible.
    • 15th April 2014 | Admin says:
      Hi Emilie,You still haven't replaced # with desired url.We will send a detailed step by step pictorial tutorial to your mail id as soon as possible.
  7. 16th April 2014 | Emilie Kirstine B. Fabricius Ahlgreen says:
    Dear Admin, I think I've misunderstood which # and which URL. Apologies for being so frazzled, I'd really appreciate that tutorial :) Best, EKBFA
  8. 28th April 2014 | Emilie Kirstine B. Fabricius Ahlgreen says:
    Dear Admin, I've been trying to sort out the URL issue as stated above with now luck. I would still love a tutorial. Additionally, the pictures shown in the posts on the home page are all normally sized if the post is opened up, however, otherwise, it seems that the width is altered. How to fix this? Best, EKBFA
    • 28th April 2014 | Admin says:
      Hi Emily,we were bit busy last week and we were unable to send the tutorial.You can expect the tut within 2 days. In this template the thumbnails are set to specific width and height.The only fix is that upload image with predefined width and height.
  9. 7th May 2014 | Erin says:
    hi, i love this template, but i am having the same problem as most everyone else. I cant adjust anything in the navigation bar :/ I have tried to follow the steps you have left for others explaining how to fix the problem but haven't had any luck. If I could get a step by step tutorial as well that would be very helpful. thank you!
  10. 20th May 2014 | Linda says:
    Admin: Having the same problems with the Nav menu. Replacing # marks with actual URLs and changing anchor texts, but it is not working. A detailed Nav menu tutorial would be greatly appreciated (as I REALLY love this template!) or I will (sadly) have to go with another template. Have yet to make many tweaks, so there may be more issues down the road.
    • 20th May 2014 | Admin says:
      I hope the updated image in post section will solve your issues
  11. 21st May 2014 | Linda says:
    Thank you! The image is very helpful. Solved my issue!
  12. 23rd May 2015 | Aurel says:
    Dear Admin, Hi I love this template so much. Anyway, can I change the font colors (all the green fonts) into blue? How to change it? Please help me. Other things are perfect. Thanks so much!
  13. 12th June 2015 | Ruby says:
    Hi there..need some to change the navigation fonts?..They were too 'thin' and 'light'..thanks in advance :)