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SimpleCorp blogger templatesSimple Corp blogger template is a stylish,responsive and fresh theme and this is a 2 column template with right sidebar and 4 column footer.This template has a large image slider,date for posts,welcome section below header,new social sharing icons and a jquery drop down menu.

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Update : To enable Google Plus comment in this template ,go to your template editor section,find <b:includable id=’comment-form’ var=’post’> and just below that add <div class=’cmt_iframe_holder’ expr:data-href=’data:post.canonicalUrl’ expr:data-viewtype=’data:post.viewType’/>.Do not forget to enable G+ comment section in Google Plus tab before editing the template.

Update : To Solve Date Undefined error,Goto Settings,In setting click Language And Formatting and change the date form as in the below picture.

blogger template date undefined

Template Name : Simple Corp

Basic Instructions : How To Install A Blogger Template

Added : 24 September 2013

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Platform : Blogger/Blogspot

Author Url : NewBloggerThemes

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  1. 27th September 2013 | Rob says:
    Is it possible with this theme to enabled Google+ comments under a post?
    • 27th September 2013 | Admin says:
      Hi Bob you can enable G+ comments in this template by making little changes in the template.This post is updated with tweaks to add Google plus comment system.Check above
  2. 2nd October 2013 | Rob says:
    Thank you, but can you a little bit more specific? I have found the following code but when I pasted your code after the line you told, I get an error. Many thanks for your help! Code:
    • 3rd October 2013 | Admin says:
      I checked the code it is working fine,the problem is with the Apostrophe in the code that the blogger html is not accepting ,just remove that in the above code and type manually,there will be no errors.Happy Blogging.
  3. 3rd October 2013 | Glenn says:
    The post dates on the left are saying "undefined" after posting.
    • 3rd October 2013 | Admin says:
      The post is again updated to solve Undefined error.Check it out
    • 3rd October 2013 | Rob says:
      What do I wrong??? (look at the picture)
      • 3rd October 2013 | Admin says:
        Manually type the Apostrophe(') in that code that comes before cmt_iframe and data:post and save you template
        • 30th January 2014 | Estrella says:
          Sorry admin. I really really love your template! But, i also put the apostrophe (') manually before cmt_iframe and data:post but there's also errors. What should I do?
          • 31st January 2014 | Admin says:
            What error do you get when you save the template.So that we can solve the problem
  4. 3rd October 2013 | Rob says:
    I am really sorry, I mannually type the Apostrophe(') in the code but I got still an error. It has to be a small thing. I am not a programmer, but what is it what I do wrong? :(
  5. 3rd October 2013 | Rob says:
    Is it possible that you put the code in the template , so I can download the template again and install it?
    • 3rd October 2013 | Admin says:
      Ok i ll make changes and mail to your id.
      • 3rd October 2013 | Rob says:
  6. 3rd October 2013 | Rob says:
    Its working! You have to put the code directly after and in front of ... BUT, the strange thing happend that after I got it right, and save the template , when I watch the template again, the code is GONE! Huh? But the comments still are looking good ons the website. The only thing that is not working are the comments tracker on the right of the blog. Its not counting google+ comments. And below the Google+ comments there is still a button with 0 reactions, comment here.
    • 3rd October 2013 | Admin says:
      The template is edited and mailed to you.This will solve all your queries in installing g+ comments.
      • 3rd October 2013 | Rob says:
        Thank you VERY much! It looks outstanding, but may I ask you one question? Below the Google comments is still a link to leave a reaction. It leeds to a sperate window with also a Google+ comments box. You can watch it in this example: And, on the left side of the blog post (were you can see how many reactions a post have, says 0 comments. Is there a way to fix that? Many thanks in advance! When you can help , I will make some noise on the internet about your fantastic templates! Thanks in advance! Rob
        • 4th October 2013 | Admin says:
          Hi Rob,We checked the link it can be fixed and we will send the new template to your mail id.Happy blogging.
          • 5th October 2013 | Rob says:
            And again, may thanks! You are so helpfull! Two questions left and then I am done! 1. The photo┬┤s in the blog overview are out of proportions. Is there a way to fix that? 2. The font of how many comments you have on the left side of a blog is different then the overall font. Is there a way to fix that? I'm so greatfull! Regards, Rob
          • 10th October 2013 | Rob says:
            Hi, can you tell my wich line the fonts I have to change? Many thanks for your help!
  7. 5th October 2013 | Admin says:
    Rob , for comment style you just have to replace the fonts and for the first point please be more specific whether it is blog images or slider images
    • 5th October 2013 | Rob says:
      I have search in css code to change that particular font, but I didn't find. Can you tell me on wich line I have to change? And with the photos I mean the photos of the blog on the home page. The photos are cropped to a square but makes them out of proportion.
  8. 19th November 2013 | Maryellen says:
    Hello! Even changing the settins, it keeps showing undefined. What could it be?
    • 19th November 2013 | Admin says:
      Ive checked your blog.The template works perfectly.Happy Blogging.
  9. 18th February 2014 | Amber says:
    is there any way to delete some of the social media icons??
    • 18th February 2014 | Admin says:
      Hi Amber just search for div id='social-icons' in your template editor.Below that you will find links to social media sites.You can delete the unnecessary sites from there.
      • 19th February 2014 | Amber says:
        Thank you! I also have one more question. My blog is and the right sidebar where the popular posts and blog archive are is overlapping with my pictures. is there a way to expand the i guess middle of the site so that this does not happen? Or any other way to make this happen?
        • 19th February 2014 | Admin says:
          It looks fine there is no overlapping,both are separate.
          • 19th February 2014 | Amber says:
            When you click on an actual post, you'll see the overlap.
  10. 19th February 2014 | Admin says:
    Amber,it is because the image width is more than 550px.Either you have to resize the image width lesser than that before uploading or you can edit your template to resize post images automatically.
  11. 21st March 2014 | Maryellen says:
    Hello! My template always brake the posts count at each page. I programmed it to have 8 posts per page, but it's not happening. It shows different numbers of post per page. Some page could have 2 posts while others 5 or 4... Could you help me fix it? If it could at least fix the number of posts at the home page, it would help me a lot by now... It's really weird when people visit my blog but it only shows 2 posts... Thanks :D
    • 21st March 2014 | Admin says:
      Hi Maryellen,we checked your blog,it is because of auto-pagination.This happens due to various reasons,but the main reason is that your posts has large number of images and you might have dragged and dropped those images into your posts directly.Blogger does not have option to remove auto pagination feature.SolutionTry uploading images individually using the image upload option,also try to optimize images before uploading,try to remove unwanted images and if possible add titles for each image that you upload.
      • 11th April 2014 | Maryellen says:
        Thank you! I'm already trying to resize all my images. Today my blog slider isn't working. Can you help me find the issue, please? Sorry, bothering. Sincerely.
        • 11th April 2014 | Admin says:
          Slider is working perfectly.Happy blogging
  12. 31st May 2014 | Eliza says:
    Hey there, wondering if you could help me with one (hopefully little) issue with this template on blogger. When I first started using this template, I disabled the slider and post summaries, because it suited my blog better then. Now I would like them back - which is easy, I just re-install the original template. However, the problem is - the post summaries on the home page have square thumbnails, and they distort my images. I've looked and looked, but can't find where to fix this. Any help would be awesome :) Thanks in advance, Eliza.
  13. 7th October 2014 | Admin says:
    Do you use iframes in your blog.Only that will cause such problems.