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Short notes is a wordpress adapted xml blogger template that has professional and a stylish layout that make your blog very eye catching for your blog visitors.This theme has 2 column layout that features right sidebar,right menu bar,social sharing icons in header right and grey background.

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Template Name : Short Notes

Basic Instructions : How To Install A Blogger Template

Added : 28 September 2013

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Platform : Blogger/Blogspot

Author Url : NewBloggerThemes

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  1. 29th December 2013 | Step for solution says:
    thank you so much that was a very nice template
  2. 15th January 2014 | Nuno says:
    How can I change the post title font color?
    • 15th January 2014 | Admin says:
      Just search for a,a:visited { color: #00AAAA; text-decoration:none; } and replace the 00AAAA with the Hex color you want
  3. 23rd January 2014 | Aga says:
    How can I integrate my blog on this template with fb?
    • 23rd January 2014 | Admin says:
      Do you want to integrate fb comment system?
      • 23rd January 2014 | Aga says:
        Hey, I would like to have an opportunity to publish my post on fb the same time it is published on blogger. I would also like to know how to use those upper left social media logos on my blog to get my readers directed to my social media sites. Thank you for your reply.
        • 24th January 2014 | Admin says:
          To publish your post on fb the same time it is published on blogger,use networked blogs in facebook link your blogs and you publishing will be automated.
  4. 24th January 2014 | Admin says:
    To use social buttons find div id="socialIcons" in the template and below that in all social links replace newbthemes with your user names. For further queries use our support forum.
    • 24th January 2014 | Aga says:
      Thanks, that was a huge help!
      • 24th January 2014 | Admin says:
        Happy Blogging.....
  5. 26th January 2014 | Admin says:
    Please use support forum for all queries regarding this template.
  6. 30th January 2014 | pinekopia says:
    How can I Change the color font of my header on this template?
    • 31st January 2014 | Admin says:
      To change the header font color,search for logo h1 a in template editor and below that in the forth line change color:#000 with the color that you require
  7. 16th February 2014 | Andrias says:
    Why the comments box does not appear in my posts?
    • 16th February 2014 | Admin says:
      We checked it now but there is no problem with the template.The reason could be that you may have disabled(hide) the comment from your settings.To Enable go to settings page and enable it.
  8. 25th February 2014 | Lindsay says:
    Is there no button for bloglovin? I'm trying to edit the icons at the top and bloglovin won't load. Thanks in advance
    • 25th February 2014 | Admin says:
      Hi Lindsay,You have to add it manually.What do you want to add button or counter and where do you want to add?
  9. 5th March 2014 | Cess says:
    Hi! How do I align the header to center? I removed the social icons manually and would like to move the header to the middle. Thanks. :-)
    • 5th March 2014 | Admin says:
      Hi Cess, Search for margin-top: 33px and below that add padding-left: 300px;
      • 6th March 2014 | Cess says:
        It worked! But 300px is not exactly center so i made it 250. Thanks a lot!
        • 6th March 2014 | Admin says:
          Happy Blogging Cess