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Infosource blogger templatesInfosource is the blogger template that is adapted from wordpress theme and it is perfectly designed for blogger blogs.This 2 column template.If you need a professional style in personal blogs,Infosource blogspot theme is one of the good option.This template has social sharing widgets and also has professional and stylish fonts.

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Update : To Solve Date Undefined error,Goto Settings,In setting click Language And Formatting and change the date form as in the below picture.

blogger template date undefined

Template Name : Infosource

Basic Instructions : How To Install A Blogger Template

Added : 1 January 2014

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Platform : Blogger/Blogspot

Author Url : Lasantha Bandara

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  1. 3rd January 2014 | Frugalapolis says:
    I uploaded this infosource template and wrote one post. Using fireox, it isn't showing the text correctly on the home page and there is also a widget on the right side of the post that has UNDEFINED 3x. I don't know where to edit the template to fix this problem. If I open it in IE9 it shows the blog body text but the UNDEFINED words are still on the side. Any suggestions?
    • 3rd January 2014 | Admin says:
      Hi Frugalapolis,just change the date header and time stamp format settings as mentioned above to solve the undefined error.