How Add New Site To Google Webmaster Tools And Verify It

You might have successfully created a blogger blog and started your blogging journey.After publishing a post in your blog one the most important thing to do is to address search engine spiders to index your blog and post so that your post will appear in search engine results and if your content are unique you post will rank better and slowly traffic will come from these sites.This traffic is main traffic for new bloggers as this will be the only source for your blog until your site get popular and drives some direct traffic.So until you site gains some popularity you have to depend on search engines.As many people are using Google as their primary engine it is always better to start with it.So to make Google aware of your site you have to submit it to the Google webmaster tools.

google webmastertools

What is Webmaster Tools Form Google

A set of essential tools for optimizing your blogger that is offered for free by Google is Webmaster tools.The reports and data that these tools provides are very helpful for the betterment of your site.Only with this account you can submit XML sitemap of your blog which the is the only way to let Google to crawl your posts and index it.

How to Add You Blogger Blog(Blog Ownership) To Google Webmaster tools

First log in your webmaster tools with your Google account by clicking here.

Then enter your site url and click continue.

google webmastertools verification

A new page will open and asks your to verify your ownership(If you are using custom domain).

There you can find two methods(Recommended and Alternate). We are using blogger platform so we cannot upload file to the root directory.So we cannot use the recommended method.So click the Alternate methods.Over there you will find four options to verify (HTML tag,Domain name provider,Google Analytics,Google Tag Manager).All the methods are easier and any newbie can verify their blog without any difficulties.

different methods to verify your blogger blog

1.HTML tag Verification:

Choose this method and a HTML tag will be generated for your site.Just copy that code and goto template editor and press CTRL F  ,a search bar will appear inside the template editor and over paste <head> and just below that paste the HTML tag and save your template. After your template is saved successfully click verify in webmaster tools.

html tag method webmastertools

2.Domain Verification Method:

This is the easiest of all process.Just select your registrar form the drop down list and click verify button .You will be then directed to the registrar site.You have to allow access to Google to make changes in the TXT file and once this is done your site will be successfully verified Only some popular registrars are found in the drop down list,so if you do not find the domain registrar in that list then follow these steps to verify your blog.

Click other option which will be the last in the drop down list and after this it will provide a TXT record.Copy that record and then goto your registrar site and find DNS configuration file.Over there you can find TXT record section,create a new value and paste the copied text there and click verify button and now your are done your site is verified.

TXT method verification google webmaster tools

3.Google Analytics Verification:

This is easier if you have already added tracking code to your blog.If you haven’t added any codes before,you can browse this post where a detailed tutorial on adding tracking code to your site from Google Analytics.


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