Fb Cover Store Blogger Template

Facebook Timeline Cover blogger templatesFb Cover Store blogger template is one of the best theme for people who uses blogspot blogd to list 2014 Facebook timeline covers photos.This is also suitable for free and premium wallpaper publishing blogs.The features of this templates are clean layout with premium responsive design,SEO optimised and this is 2 column template with responsive menu.

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Update:There are 2 options to upload image so that the image appears in home page without any problem.

Option 1 : Go to HTML mode in post editor and remove all codes over there and paste the image URL and publish the post.(You can use any third party image hosting sites to upload the image and get the the image url.

Option 2 : If you want to upload the image directly in blogger then follow the below steps,

Step 1: Go to HTML mode and delete all codes that appear over there.It should be a blank page.

Step 2: Now the upload the image using insert image option.After the image is uploaded keep only the image url and remove all other codes higlighted in red as in the image below.

Image Update

Template Name : Fb Cover Store

Basic Instructions : How To Install A Blogger Template

Added :7 January 2014

Licence : www.creativecommons.org

Platform : Blogger/Blogspot

Author Url :openw3.blogspot.com


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  1. 5th February 2014 | DK says:
    • 5th February 2014 | Admin says:
      What is not working?Please specify your exact problem with this template.
  2. 10th February 2014 | image1969 says:
    I am also having an issue with this template, the images are not appearing as shown in your exmaple or on the demo page. I havent messed with it a whole lot yet though to be honest. But the images are showing as broken, and the frame they should appear in is massive
    • 10th February 2014 | image1969 says:
      btw the website i have listed above ^^ in the conversation reply box is NOT the Timeline Covers website i also have, that one is besttimeline.com ... i will be attempting to sort it today if you want to come by and have a look at what teh issue is
    • 10th February 2014 | Admin says:
      You have copy the image url and you have to post it directly without any description.We will update the post with detailed instruction within few hours.
  3. 11th February 2014 | image1969 says:
    Great, i will look forward to the update and check back. thanks for replying
  4. 11th February 2014 | image1969 says:
    I have even tried uploading the images to imgur.com and adding the image via URL and its still not working correctly. I already have several covers with no description uploaded to this website (picasa i guess seeing its blogger). And still the images arent being displayed. I will wait for your update to this page still and see if there is something i am missing
    • 11th February 2014 | Admin says:
      Post updated,please follow the updated steps to upload the images.We hope this will solve your issues.Happy Blogging..
  5. 11th February 2014 | image1969 says:
    ah great thanks man, i got it now, just use the URL only/ THanks for helping
    • 11th February 2014 | Admin says:
      You are welcome...
  6. 12th February 2014 | image1969 says:
    I noticed that when going to any page but the main page, seems the js loads very slowly, which i assume is the Avatar preview thing loading. Im not familiar with Blogger code all that much to be able to remove that, or even add it to the footer (the javascript). I want to try removing it though and see if that is the cause for the slow loading speed of the page. If you want to try on mine feel free, its not so much the main page, its when using the pagination at the bottom, seems to load quite slowly for that, and when loading a single image url (when linking from Facebook to a specific Timeline Cover)
  7. 12th February 2014 | image1969 says:
    ah i noticed that its not that at all, seems it might be the pagination at the bottom, and it makes for kinda ugly urls when you go through the various pages. How would i go about reverting back to the "next" or in this case the "more" option instead of the pagination
  8. 16th February 2014 | Admin says:
    Hi image1969 we were too busy to look into the code for the past few days.You can remove page navigation but you have remove and add some codes which we cant post in the comment.Send your maid id by contacting us we will send the updated template to your mail.