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Simple’n'Bright blogger template

Simple n Bright is a white back ground wordpress adapted blogger templates with 2 column,right sidebar,image slider with lazy loading effects,drop down menu,social stuff and a four column footer.

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Template Name : Simple n Bright

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Added : 30 August 2013

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Platform : Blogger/Blogspot

Author Url : NewBloggerThemes

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  1. 24th January 2014 | mon ika says: Reply
    Hi, LOVE this template and using it. Question how comes my Related post Html codes do not seem to work on this template and do work on others? Thanks & Regards
    • 24th January 2014 | mon ika says: Reply
      Oops, I also meant to ask how comes the date on each post is only a day & month but how to see a date on a blog which exists for years! Thanks in advance
      • 24th January 2014 | Admin says: Reply
        You can tweak the template to display year,but it will look odd for this design. Please use our support forum for further queries
        • 26th January 2014 | mon ika says: Reply
          Thanks and appreciate much your answer. I understand in the little bubble (which is totally adorable) just did not understand as on the bottom of the post to have the full date for example in small? and okay I will use the "Contact us" feature ..
    • 24th January 2014 | Admin says: Reply
      If you can mail the code and we will check for problems.

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