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HelpDesk Template for bloggerHelp Desk blogger template is the first application based blogspot theme,but is free to download theme.This template has responsive design and is suitable for users who think to add additional support forum to their blogger blogs.This is a 2 column theme that has right sidebar and blue background.

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Template Name : Help Desk

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Added : 26 January 2014

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Platform : Blogger/Blogspot

Author Url :Weblogtemplates

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  1. 27th January 2014 | Adarsh says: Reply
    Wow, ie nice template. The way posts are loading is very nice. Hats off to the idea behind this template. And with these kind of templates professionals should start using blogger platform lot more.
  2. 4th February 2014 | weblogtemplates says: Reply
    Thanks for sharing our template...
    • 5th February 2014 | Admin says: Reply
      Nice Templates worth of sharing..
  3. 4th March 2014 | Carlos says: Reply
    Hello Friend this model is extremely important for my project. You know how to post comments on it?
  4. 4th March 2014 | Admin says: Reply
    Click directly on comment counter it will open the comment page or open the post in a new tab to post comments

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